e-Settlement Services

Designed by users, for users.

You’ve told us what you need to conduct e-Settlements with confidence and our highly experienced team have taken your feedback to develop a service that’s efficient, easy to use, reliable and secure.


Improved efficiency

Workspace and document creation is 25-50% more efficient for all users.



Comprehensive integration with practice management systems to avoid errors and time lost in re-keying data.

Time saving

Task sequencing

Be prompted to perform settlement tasks in the most efficient sequence, saving you time and hassle.


Simple user experience

It’s easy to use, so less training and stress for you and your staff.


Single glance status

Know what the status of your transaction is in a single look – what you need to do and what you are waiting on.


Flexible user and permission structure

Allowing you to customise Sympli to suit your way of working, rather than conforming to rigid technology.

Tasks Dashboard

  • Create task-based workflows with due dates that suit your processes.
  • Our dashboard combines all tasks from all of your workspaces and gives you one place from which to work.
  • Tasks are displayed in date and time priority to keep you working on the most important things first.
  • Click on the outstanding task and be taken directly to where you need to complete it.

Settlements Dashboard

  • Designed to allow management of settlements in chronological order. Simply click on a day column to see all the settlements for that day and filter to sort even further.
  • Quickly understand workspace details, settlement arrangements and the status of all workspaces on any given day.
  • Move easily to a certain workspace by selecting it from the list.

Workspace Overview

  • Simple visual cues make it easy to understand what’s happening in a glance.
  • Everything on one user-friendly page including settlement details, participants and the status of documents and directions.
  • The simple design allows you to action requirements in the most obvious place, making working on your workspaces effortless.
  • Integration with your practice management system pulls all information across, reducing risk and saving you re-keying information.

Automatic Document Creation

  • Automatic creation of the documents needed for your matter type.
  • Easily review the documents before moving on to your next task.
  • No need to move outside the workspace or move to a separate tab to create documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interoperability is the key to safe and effective competition in the e-Settlements industry. We have dedicated page which further explains the concept and answers some common questions here.

Absolutely! Sympli will integrate with over 30 practice management systems which means reduced errors and less time rekeying data. The level of Sympli’s integration will be so seamless that it will pull all information from your practice management system across, enough to complete an entire workspace, and will continually update your matter from your single source of truth.

The good news is you can still enjoy Sympli’s full functionality without a practice management system. Whether you use a practice management system or not, Sympli connects directly with land registries, pulling across title data to pre-populate the various documents required for your matter type. It’s that good.

As an ELNO, we can’t just assume you’ll have all the required security measures in place, so we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring security measures are of the highest standard by drawing on the expertise of one of our major shareholders, the ASX, to provide bank-grade security throughout the platform. That includes the use of things like multi-factor authentication and using analytics to track and report on suspicious activity, just to name a few.

We are now accepting registrations for our Early Onboarding Program. You can learn more about our national rollout schedule and the program here

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