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Sympli in New South Wales 

We lodged our first document in New South Wales in October 2019, a standalone mortgage lodged by T.H. Walker Solicitors and Conveyancers.

Our document availability in New South Wales is now expanding, thanks to the tireless work of industry partners including the NSW Office of Registrar General, NSW Land Registry Services and Revenue NSW. We also continue to work closely with AIC NSW and the NSW Law Society.

We’re big believers that choice and competition are critical for a vibrant and reliable e-Settlement industry and we’re here to be a force of positive of change for all practitioners.

Current document availability

In New South Wales, clients can lodge the below documents, however please note our financial settlement capability is initially limited while we partner with financial institutions to establish payment connections. We will keep you informed as our payment connections are completed. Land Registry and Revenue Office limitations may also apply. If you have any questions please contact our helpdesk.

Document Standalone Financial Settlement*
Withdrawal of Caveat
Priority Notice
Priority Notice Extension
Priority Notice Withdrawal
Attachments not supported
Controlling party only
Discharge of Mortgage*
Controlling party only
Notice of Death*
Controlling party only
Transmission Application to Executor*
Controlling party only

*If you are looking to perform any financial settlement, or transaction where CoRD holder consent is required, please contact our helpdesk first.

How can I get involved now?

Operating in a soft-launch phase allows us to implement further user feedback on the overall look, feel and functionality of Sympli to continue improving the experience for all practitioners. We do this in two ways: by working closely with practitioners who lodge the standalone documents as listed above, and through holding periodic ‘hands-on’ focus groups. If you’re interested in being involved in either of these, please express your interest in the form to the right or reach out to Viv or Dave.

What if I want to use Sympli further down the track?

If you’re interested in Sympli but are waiting for transfers and settlement capability, we’d still love to hear from you. You can register your interest using the same form and we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments in NSW.

Say hi to Viv Pauling

One of your Product Experience Managers for New South Wales

Viv’s early career spanned 25 years of teaching before transitioning into the world of property and conveyancing. She started with her own settlement agency in Newcastle before becoming a licensed conveyancer. Since then she has worked as a Direct Specialist at PEXA, successfully run her own conveyancing firm and conducted e-Conveyancing workshops across the State under the NSW Office of the Registrar General and AIC NSW. Viv is passionate about combining her love of teaching and conveyancing know-how to assist practitioners with transitioning from paper to digital with confidence.

“I still remember my very first time using the Sympli platform (in its infancy) and thought: ‘Wow! this is amazing.’ l love how easy it is to use and how simple the workflow felt… it was a game changer for me. It’s exciting to have an alternative that acts as a force for positive change in our industry.”


Say hi to Dave Buxton

One of your Product Experience Managers for New South Wales

With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, Dave has a deep knowledge of property settlements well before e-Settlements came onto the scene. Before joining Sympli, he was the managing partner of Sydney Legal Agents, the largest settlement and registration firm in New South Wales. His time at SLA allowed him to build and foster relationships with practitioners right across the State. Dave understands your needs as practitioner and what it takes to run a successful practice.

“I’m an extremely keen advocate for competition and choice in the conveyancing industry, which enables the world’s best practice for electronic property transactions.”

What do our clients think?

“We were thrilled to be a part of the first New South Wales transaction on the Sympli platform. This is another step in the right direction for the property conveyancing industry and we are certainly looking forward to working closely with Sympli in the future.”

– Jason Fox, T.H. Walker Solicitors and Conveyancers (Forestville, NSW)

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