The Sympli Story

InfoTrack and ASX collaborate to form Sympli

Sympli is the result of a collaboration between InfoTrack and ASX. We want to create more opportunity, add value and truly represent the market with an e-Settlements platform that showcases our core capabilities.

As Australia’s leading provider of e-Conveyancing technology and services, InfoTrack has been creating software for the legal and financial industries for over 18 years. InfoTrack has a focus on simple, end to end solutions, leveraging expertise to craft a truly integrated e-Settlements platform that you can trust.

ASX is one of the world’s leading financial exchanges. They bring experience in clearing and settling transactions with security, speed, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.

InfoTrack and ASX share a philosophy of putting clients at the centre of everything they do. Sympli is the next generation e-Settlements solution that brings healthy competition, reliability, security and value back to the industry.

The Sympli way

An efficient, price effective and integrated e-settlement solution for the conveyancing, legal and banking communities.

You’ve told us what you need to move to e-Settlements with confidence. We are making sure our platform delivers an integrated workflow to help you achieve time savings as well as eliminate possible errors inherent with manual processes and re-keying data.

We’re here to simplify the settlements process and represent consumer choice through healthy competition. To put it simply, you can feel safe knowing our platform has been developed by users for users.

Our values

It’s all about our clients
Simple is better
We want you to feel at home
We challenge each other to be our best
We are a force of positive change in our industry

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