The Sympli Story

Meet Sympli: an InfoTrack and ASX collaboration

Sympli is the result of a collaboration between InfoTrack and ASX. We want to create more opportunity, add value and represent the market with an e-Settlements service from which practitioners across Australia can benefit.

InfoTrack is Australia’s leading provider of e-Conveyancing technology and services and has been creating software for the legal and financial industries for over 18 years. InfoTrack has a focus on simple, end to end solutions, leveraging expertise to craft a truly integrated e-settlements platform that you can trust.

As one of the world’s leading financial exchanges, the ASX bring experience in clearing and settling transactions with security, speed, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.

The combination of the two bring you Sympli: the next generation e-settlements solution delivering healthy competition, reliability, security and value to the industry.

Our values


It’s all about our clients

You come first. You’ve told us that time is one of your most valuable resources, so you shouldn’t waste a minute of it. You can trust that we’ve built an e-settlements service designed by users, for users.


Simple is better

Our industry is changing, but that doesn’t mean e-Settlements should make your life harder. We are here to make it simple.


We want you to feel at home

You should feel at home whenever you talk to us. We value our clients, so whether you need to contact us about our service, support and training or you want to share your feedback with us – we’re here to listen and help you.


We challenge each other to be our best

To deliver you the best possible service and e-Settlement solution, we challenge each other to give our best every single minute of every day. We are determined to meet the high expectations we set on each other in order to outperform our competition.


We are a force of positive change in our industry

Your e-Settlements should be easy, reliable and widely used. That’s our goal. We are here to champion our industry and the long-term interests of the market by representing choice through healthy competition.

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