Our pricing

By moving to electronic settlements you were promised lower costs and greater efficiencies and Sympli aims to deliver on that promise.

At Sympli, you aren’t charged any up-front on-boarding fees or ongoing subscription fees. You’ll only be charged for each successful transaction and charges will vary depending on the type of transaction. You can now view the full pricing schedule below.

Sympli Transaction Service Fees are charged in accordance with the Sympli Pricing Policy.


Transaction Service Single Title
(incl GST)
Multi Title
(incl GST)
Transfer $100.02 $116.25
Caveat $14.09 $25.09
Withdrawal of Caveat $14.09 $25.09
Caveat with Financial Settlement $27.28 $41.73
Priority Notice $7.96 $7.96
Priority Notice Withdrawal $7.96 $7.96
Priority Notice Extension $4.02 $4.02
Mortgage $21.59 $37.67
Discharge of Mortgage $13.64 $25.08
Mortgage with Financial Settlement $29.55 $46.03
Discharge of Mortgage with Financial Settlement $22.16 $34.66
Title information resupply $5.68 $5.68
Consent (CoRD)
Form 24A, B & 25
Notice of Death $31.82 $43.47
Transmission Application to Executor $31.77 $47.68
Lease (NSW) $37.58 $52.07

Please note, the FY21-22 pricing schedule is effective from 1 July 2021.

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