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Effective 1 July 2024

Interoperability Day One

The following is a summary of the Land Registry documents that can be electronically lodged through Sympli. Sympli does not charge up-front registration fees or ongoing subscription fees. Customers are charged upon successful transaction and charges vary depending on the type of transaction.

The Sympli Fee covers the following:

• Pre-population of Land Registry data.

• Document creation and lodgement with the Land Registry with pre-lodgement verification providing greater certainty to successful lodgement.

• Stamp duty verification with the relevant duty authority.

• Title Activity Checks (TAC), alerting you to recent activity on the title.

• Settlement booking.

• Secure digital signing.

• Disbursement of cleared funds to nominated accounts.

Single Title

(incl GST)

Multi Title*

(incl GST)

Transfer $127.12 $145.51
Caveat $17.94 $31.14
Withdrawal of Caveat $17.94 $31.14
Caveat with Financial Settlement $34.40 $53.02
Priority Notice $10.16 $10.16
Priority Notice Withdrawal $10.16 $10.16
Priority Notice Extension $5.08 $5.08
Mortgage $47.71 $65.99
Discharge of Mortgage $23.01 $36.44
Mortgage with Financial Settlement $63.63 $82.00
Discharge of Mortgage with Financial Settlement $46.92 $60.23
Notice of Death $40.26 $58.77
Transmission Application $40.26 $58.77
Transmission with Financial Settlement $40.26 $58.77
Transmission Direct to Beneficiary (NSW) $40.26 $58.77
Lease (NSW) $47.72 $63.69
Sub Lease (NSW) $47.72 $63.69
Title Information Re – Supply 6.32
Form 24A, B & 25
Notice of Sale
Notice of Acquisition

*Related to multiple titles on the same registry instrument.

Please note, the Financial Year 25 pricing schedule is effective from 1 July 2024.

The Sympli Fee is separate from the lodgement fees, which are set by each jurisdiction’s Land Registry.

Sympli Fees are charged in accordance with the Sympli Pricing Policy.

To view a PDF version of the Sympli Fee FY25

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