16 June 2022

Sympli comments on ACCC Statement of Issues regarding Dye & Durham’s proposed acquisition of Link Administration Holdings

 Electronic conveyancing disruptor Sympli (the Company), welcomes the release of the ACCC’s Statement of Issues regarding Dye & Durham’s proposed acquisition of Link Administration Holdings (Link). 

10 June 2022

Sympli responds to ACCC investigation into PEXA’s anti-competitive conduct

Electronic conveyancing disruptor Sympli (the Company), welcomes reports of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) investigation into PEXA’s anti-competitive conduct in the eConveyancing industry.

13 May 2022

Sympli welcomes the Electronic Conveyancing Amendment Bill passed by the NSW Parliament

eConveyancing disruptor Sympli welcomes the introduction of the Electronic Conveyancing (Adoption of National Law) Amendment Bill 2022 (NSW) (ECNL), passed today by the NSW Parliament.

8 April 2022

Sympli welcomes progress toward interoperability confirmed in NSW Legislative Council Committee Report

Electronic conveyancing disruptor Sympli welcomes the positive outcomes of the NSW Legislative Council’s Portfolio Committee No 4 – Customer Service and Natural Resources – inquiry into the Electronic Conveyancing (Adoption of National Law) Amendment Bill 2022.

24 February 2022

Sympli comments on the latest profit and earnings result from PEXA, a monopoly operating in the e conveyancing sector

Electronic conveyancing disruptor Sympli said PEXA Group’s first half year profit results reveal the industry monopoly was ‘’alive and well’’, but it also showed there is a lack of competition in the industry and its consumers that are paying the price.

10 February 2022

Ministerial statement on amending the Electronic Conveyancing National Law

Sympli is encouraged by the Ministerial statement on amending the Electronic Conveyancing National Law to deliver a secure national interoperability regime and effective competition.

10 February 2022

Introducing Staffan Flodin as Sympli’s Chief Information Officer

Sympli, an e-settlements service built by users, for users, is pleased to announce the appointment of Staffan Flodin to the role of Chief Information Officer.

7 December 2021

Sympli payment connection with Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Electronic conveyancing disruptor Sympli today provides an update on its payment connection with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).

17 November 2021

Sympli inks deal with National Australia Bank

Electronic conveyancing disruptor Sympli has today announced National Australia Bank (NAB) has signed to their Electronic Lodgement Network (ELN).

3 November 2021

Sympli welcomes outcomes from ministerial roundtable on interoperability in e-settlements

Electronic conveyancing platform Sympli has welcomed the “positive outcomes” brought about by the recent ministerial roundtable on interoperability in electronic settlements, which the firm says could signal the end of local rival PEXA’s hold on the industry.

2 November 2021

PEXA’s monopoly in econveyancing gone by mid-2023 as states fast-track timeline for interoperability

PEXA’s monopoly in the digital property settlement market will be gone by mid-2023 after states fast-track timetable to force competition on the burgeoning sector.

20 October 2021

NSW Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello is pushing for competition in the e-conveyancing market

The NSW government is threatening to go it alone to drag competition into the $280m e-conveyancing market, telling market leader PEXA it wants the large-scale rollout of cross-platform transactions in place by mid-2023.

18 October 2021

Sympli welcomes ministerial roundtable discussions on the delays in interoperability

Sympli welcome today's roundtable discussions on the delays in implementation of interoperability, co-chaired by NSW Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello MP, alongside SA Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Vicki Chapman.

15 September 2021

Payment connection live with major bank as Sympli completes first refinance transaction

Electronic conveyancing disruptor Sympli today provides an update on its payment connection and transaction milestones.

9 August 2021

Making digital certificates ‘interoperable’

As true competition in econveyancing draws closer, the attention of policy makers is beginning to turn from the importance of interoperability to the efficiency of digital certificates.

28 July 2021

Sympli welcomes agreement to establish National Electronic Conveyancing Data Standards (NECDS Co)

Electronic conveyancing disruptor Sympli today welcomes the signing of the agreement to establish the National Electronic Conveyancing Data Standard Co (NECDS Co) by NSW Minister for Digital and Customer Service, the Hon. Victor Dominello MP. This new regulatory reform is a significant milestone in the pursuit of interoperability and real competition in the eConveyancing industry.

20 July 2021

Sympli endorses appointment of first full-time Industry Interoperability Program Manager

Electronic conveyancing disruptor Sympli today commends the New South Wales Office of the Registrar General (NSW ORG) for appointing an Interoperability Program Manager.

19 July 2021

Sympli acknowledges Model Operating Requirements (MOR) Consultation Draft 7 as significant step toward achieving interoperability

Electronic conveyancing disruptor Sympli today acknowledges the release of the Consultation Draft 7 of the Model Operating Requirements (MOR) by the Australian Registrars Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC).

9 July 2021

Sympli comments on outcomes of Ministerial Roundtable on interoperability in the eConveyancing industry

A joint Ministerial and ACCC statement, from the Ministerial Roundtable on Thursday 1 July 2021, again reiterated the strong government focus on ensuring competition in eConveyancing is realised, so that practitioners are not forced to use the current monopoly.

6 July 2021

Sympli illustrates the need for competition in the eConveyancing industry

Electronic conveyancing platform PEXA had a wobbly debut on the ASX on Thursday after the biggest float of the year, struggling to shine in a sluggish market and closing the day at a bare premium to its issue price.

5 July 2021

Sympli prepares to break PEXA’s monopoly

Online conveyancing platform PEXA has managed to negotiate a safe landing on the ASX, however, it’s keenest local rival Sympli reckons it can crack the company’s monopoly status in the market.

1 July 2021

Sympli comments on the PEXA IPO and the importance of competition in the eConveyancing industry

It’s interesting that on the day of a ministerial roundtable discussing one of the enablers of competition – interoperability – the current monopoly starts trading. 

28 June 2021

Major bank completes connection with Sympli as competition is set to rise in the e-conveyancing industry

Electronic conveyancing disruptor Sympli today announced it has connected with another major Australian bank, taking the total to two and on track to be connected to all four by November 2021.

16 June 2021

Rivals say PEXA monopoly to end by late next year

The chief executive of one of PEXA’s smaller rivals, the ASX-backed Sympli, says true competition is likely to arrive in the $280 million electronic conveyancing market in Australia only towards the end of calendar 2022, with PEXA having an effective monopoly until then.

7 June 2021

Sympli endorses NSW Government Productivity Commission recommendation for interoperability

Sympli endorses NSW Government Productivity Commission recommendation for interoperability in the e-conveyancing industry as “matter of urgency”. Read more about Sympli's support for this issue below.

18 March 2021

Joint Government Industry Statement – Interoperability

At Sympli, we strongly support the continued progress in our mutual journey towards interoperability – which will bring true competition and choice for consumers in our industry. Below you will find the joint government industry statement.

16 March 2021

PEXA spin slammed ahead of IPO

PEXA has been blasted for suggesting policymakers are adopting its proposal to ensure competition in the $240m e-conveyancing market, in a blow to the industry leader as it sets its sights on an IPO.

8 March 2021

Sympli gears up to challenge PEXA in electronic property settlement

Sympli is gearing up to take on industry leader PEXA in the $250m electronic property settlement market, with the first cross-platform transaction to take place by the end of this year ahead of a larger-scale rollout, according to CEO Philip Joyce.

24 November 2020

Sympli announces new CEO

Sympli is pleased to announce the appointment of Philip Joyce as its new CEO, effective today.

10 September 2020

PEXA’s wings clipped as states go for national competition

PEXA's monopoly will disappear next year following a decision to set up rules to enforce competition in the $240 million electronic property transaction market by requiring common technology standards for all existing and future platforms.

10 September 2020

Major banks prepare to connect to Sympli to compete with PEXA

All four major banks will be connected to Sympli this financial year, said ASX chief executive Dominic Stevens, while rules to ensure the ASX-backed electronic property settlements challenger can work alongside PEXA are heading towards finalisation.

27 May 2020

Sympli approved for Transfer transactions in South Australia

Sympli has expanded its service offering in South Australia after The Office of the Registrar-General, Land Services SA and Revenue SA approved Sympli for transfer and duty lodgments this week.

26 May 2020

Sympli approved for Transfer transactions in New South Wales

Sympli has expanded its service offering in New South Wales after both the NSW Land Registry and Revenue NSW approved Sympli for transfer and duty lodgments this week.

17 December 2019

ASX-backed e-settlement service completes first loan

The ASX/InfoTrack-backed electronic settlement service Sympli has successfully settled its first loan, with ANZ and two Gold Coast law firms settling on a Queensland property.

12 December 2019

Sympli completes first financial settlement

ANZ – together with Gold Coast firms K2 Law and WP Lawyers – has completed the first financial settlement through Sympli Australia Pty Ltd.

11 December 2019

Sympli Australia signs off on first financial property settlement

ASX-backed Sympli Australia has completed its maiden financial property settlement, suggesting competition in the online conveyancing industry will step up next year.

23 October 2019

Sympli Lodges First Registry Instrument for New South Wales

Australia’s newest Electronic Lodgment Network Operator (ELNO), Sympli Australia Pty Ltd (Sympli), has expanded its service offering with the successful lodgment of its first registry instrument, a mortgage in New South Wales.

19 August 2019

ACCC’s Rod Sims pushes for competition in e-conveyancing

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims says he is prepared to get more involved in the electronic property settlement market to push for a structure that facilitates competition and lower prices as the industry reaches a “pivot point”.

14 August 2019

Sympli Strengthens with new Head of Industry and Government Relations

Sympli Australia Pty Ltd (Sympli), Australia’s newest e-Settlement service provider, has appointed Suzanne Turnbull as the new Head of Industry and Government Relations.

6 June 2019

Sympli Launches National Early Onboarding Program

Australia’s newest e-Settlement service provider, Sympli Australia Pty Ltd (Sympli), has this month, launched its national Early Onboarding Program.

20 December 2018

PEXA rival Sympli lodges first electronic document

Sympli Australia has officially opened for business with the lodging of its first electronic property settlement document in Queensland last week, adding a competitor to Property Exchange Australia (PEXA).

17 December 2018

Sympli lodges first electronic document in Victoria

Sympli Australia Pty Ltd (Sympli), the newest e-Settlement solution to enter the conveyancing market, commenced operations in Victoria earlier today.

23 November 2018

Sympli gains a key licence in battle to take on PEXA

ASX-backed Sympli today unveiled plans to take on larger rival PEXA in the online property exchange market, with the newer player winning a key licence and pitching itself as a lower cost alternative that could halve prices on certain product lines.

23 November 2018

PEXA rival Sympli gets approval to start operating online conveyancing platform

Sympli expects to offer its first document lodgment services as early as next month, after the federal regulator gave the go-ahead to operate as an econveyancing platform in competition to newly privatised rival PEXA.

25 October 2018

PEXA float pulled, rival Sympli ramps up

Sympli boss David Wills told the Financial Review he hopes to launch by March or April next year. Mr Wills added that Sympli, which reports testing of its system is advanced in two states with the other not far behind, is not limited to one or two party transactions.

23 October 2018

As PEXA pitches fundies, Sympli fronts conveyancers

Sympli is about one-third of the way through a roadshow targeting conveyancers in the country's three biggest markets; Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

It is giving conveyancers a working example of what its slated property payments exchange would look like and how it fits into the software suite owned by its shareholder InfoTrack.

10 October 2018

Monopoly fears cloud launch of first e-conveyancing network

The operator of the nation’s only working electronic conveyancing network has urged the states to ­accelerate their rollout of the new system after its successful adoption in Victoria.

Victoria’s mandatory switch to e-conveyancing took place this month despite calls from the state opposition for the changeover to be delayed until a competitive market could be established for e-conveyancing network services.

21 September 2018

Sympli to give PEXA a run for money in electronic conveyancing

But that is what confronts Sympli, a venture with powerful backers that is counting the days until it has regulatory approval to go head-to-head with PEXA, the monopoly provider of electronic conveyancing network services.

PEXA has been growing fast and that growth will accelerate next month thanks to Victoria’s mandatory move away from paper-based conveyancing.

21 August 2018

ASX Invests in e-conveyancing venture

Releasing its results for the financial year 2018, the ASX confirmed that it had invested $6.6 million in a joint venture with Australian Technology Innovators (which owns InfoTrack) to form Sympli Australia Pty Ltd (Sympli), as first announced earlier this year.

The new business intends to offer electronic conveyancing (e-conveyancing) solutions for property settlements and will become a competitor to the state government and bank-owned Property Exchange Australia (PEXA).

20 August 2018

Solicitors move to delay electronic conveyancing switch

Electronic property settlement business PEXA is facing a revolt by Victorian solicitors aimed at delaying a statewide switch to online property transfers that will hand the company an effective monopoly before its possible sale.

The revolt was triggered by Law Institute of Victoria concern about the security of electronic transactions and the company’s ability to cope after Victoria’s mandatory switch to electronic conveyancing on October 1.

11 August 2018

E-conveyancing system Sympli not ready, new operator says

Sympli, a new operator in the electronic title transfer market, says it shouldn’t be compulsory for consumers to use the PEXA system until security, regulatory and competition issues are resolved.

Australia’s two biggest states are leading a decades-long quest to entrench digital e-conveyancing as the norm across the property sector, which settles $300 billion of transactions annually.

31 May 2018

Property settlement fight pits float hopeful PEXA against ASX

There's nothing like a bit of corporate intrigue to liven up the normally quiet world of property conveyancing. May 31 will go down as a big day in the sector's history.

The long-awaited blow to the $1 billion-plus sales ambitions of electronic property settlements group PEXA was delivered on Thursday, when ASX Ltd formally announced its intention to partner with legal software group InfoTrack and create a challenger to PEXA's monopoly.

31 May 2018

ASX launches Sympli, its first foray into the electronic property settlement market

ASX Limited has unveiled plans to invest alongside technology group InfoTrack and enter the $200 million electronic property settlement market, pitting it against bank and state government owned Property Exchange Australia.

In a statement on Thursday, ASX said it was teaming with Australian Technology Innovators, the parent of InfoTrack, to form Sympli Australia.

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