Clients Leading the Charge: Conveyancing Centre

Clients Leading the Charge: Conveyancing Centre

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Built by users, for users: its Sympli at its core. As we continue our soft-launch across Australia, we’ve been lucky enough to partner with some fantastic clients through our Early Onboarding Program (EOP), who have a passion for challenging the status quo. Their involvement in the EOP means we can continue implementing further user feedback on the overall look, feel and functionality of Sympli to perfect the experience for all practitioners. Something we take very seriously.

It’s all about our clients

Roger Scott of Conveyancing Centre is one of those clients. Based in Daw Park, South Australia, Conveyancing Centre offer their clients a combined 50 years of industry expertise and residential conveyancing experience. They’re dedicated to making the conveyancing process as simple as possible for their clients, so it makes sense they’re leading the charge with e-Settlements in South Australia.

We asked Roger what his experience of Sympli has been so far – here’s what he had to say:

As a very early adopter of electronic settlements of real estate transactions in South Australia, I have used both Sympli (lodging the very first document in December 2019 on Sympli in SA) and PEXA (lodging the very first Transfer in July 2016) platforms.

When invited by Sympli to perform the first SA transaction, I didn’t think twice – I was pleased to work with them on the groundbreaking transactions as I found it just so easy to use.

Their support team in the Sydney head office are so obliging and helpful, and they helped me navigate my way through the onboarding process. What could’ve been a little technical and challenging to someone who has little background in how exactly how it all worked, I found it a simple process.

As far as the platform itself is concerned, I’m very impressed with the ease of navigation that Sympli provides. There is no need to keep opening a page, close it, and open another. The constant backwards and forwards is done away with on the Sympli platform.

I am super impressed with Angie Nguyen (the SA Product Experience Manager), as her dedication to making the platform work so seamlessly for me is second to none.

I would advise every practitioner in SA to get on board, test the water, and be as satisfied as I am. I’m looking forward to being able to transact transfers in the near future, as the Sympli platform continues to expand in SA.

If, like Roger, you’d like to be part of the Early Onboarding Program, it’s just one click away. Visit our Early Onboarding Program page to find out more and to register your interest.

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