Stay on top of your Subscriber Compliance actions

Stay on top of your Subscriber Compliance actions

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The Office of the Registrar General NSW has observed that many Subscribers receiving a Compliance Examination notice, sent to determine whether the NSW Participation Rules have been complied with, do not action it or contact NSW LRS to question its validity.

NSW LRS send out Compliance Examination notices to the email address registered with your ELNO (e.g. Sympli), so please make sure your email information is valid and up to date.

Compliance Examinations are important in ensuring the confidence and integrity of the eConveyancing system and notice of such should be taken seriously by Subscribers. Ignoring it can result in a suspension which temporarily stops the ability to lodge dealings and continued non-responsiveness can result in termination.

Please contact NSW LRS if you have a technical query about a Compliance Examination notice you have been issued.


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