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The following is a summary of the Land Registry documents that can be electronically lodged through Sympli. We will continue to apply updates as more documents become available.


New South Wales



South Australia

Western Australia

Withdrawal of Caveat
Caveat with Financial Settlement
Priority Notice
Priority Notice Withdrawal
Priority Notice Extension
Discharge of Mortgage
Mortgage with Financial Settlement
Discharge of Mortgage with Financial Settlement
Notice of Death
Transmission Application
Transmission with Financial Settlement
Transmission Direct to Beneficiary (NSW only)
Sub Lease
Convert pCT and Nominate to the Lodgement Case
Nominate eCT to Paper Instrument
Nominate eCT to the Lodgement Case
Withdrawal of Nomination

Certain documents include jurisdiction-specific sub-documents, which are invariably linked to another transaction and cannot be generated independently.

Example: NSW Notice of Sale

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